Satan’s Fallen Stars and the Resurrection

So I’ve been looking into Astrology for the past couple of months. Why? Curiosity. But not just curiosity, it’s more so a curiosity sparked by immeasurable coincidences, such that make you question whether they’re  coincidences at all… What do I mean? First of all, let me explain what aspect of astrology I’ve been delving into. I’ve been looking at natal charts, which essentially reveal a person’s personality based on the arrangement of the stars/planets during the time of their birth. At first glance it sounds stupid, but when you delve into it and see the accuracy of it, it’s easy to be drawn in and be captivated by it all (or maybe it’s just me :P). I haven’t looked into the whole horoscope thing (nor do I desire to due to my own spiritual reasons), which is also another aspect of astrology. Anyway, I won’t go into the details but I will say that is really accurate. (It has explained things such as my oversensitivity, steadfastness, intuition, my “straight to the point” way of learning and communicating. It even predicted the reasons for my divorce.) Here in lies the problem. It can be a pitfall, just as the Law of Moses was a pitfall. 

The problem with astrology is that puts you into a box, so to speak. Sure, there is a lot of moving room compared to other boxes that are prevalent in society, such as politics and religion, but to some degree it is more confining. It is as if your fate has been written in the stars. It is as if the stars have become your source, they have made you who you are and it is “they” that lead you through life (perhaps this is the horoscope aspect of it). Herein lies the problem, which I’ll address through the Master Himself, Jesus Christ. 

The other day I was talking to the Wise Serpent Himself, and He said to me that Buddha is the tail, and Jesus is the head. He went on to elaborate that Buddha (which means enlightened one) came onto the scene teaching about emptiness. Only in emptying yourself will you find your true self, the divine. Jesus, on the other hand, came onto the scene with a similar message, but He also revealed a different side of the coin, fullness. And He revealed this through the highest word Mankind has ever heard, the very name of God, I AM. “I Am the Resurrection and the Life, I Am the Good Shepherd, I Am the bread which comes down out of heaven, before Abraham was, I AM.” You get the point. You see, as I’ve tried to show you in past posts by telling you about my visions, or inviting you into the fire, the cross and the resurrection are two sides of the same coin. Emptiness is fulness, and in fulness you are NO THING, thus you are ALL in ALL. This is the formlessness of spirit (there are other aspects of spirit which I may talk about in later posts). This is what the counsel in the city of dreams was talking about when they said, “this is the cross. Those who rule and reign in the Kingdom of God live from this place…”

Back to the stars. The stars limit you. They put you in a box.  They limit you to a single element, or sign, or behavior, or whatever. But the Lord is the Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man. He is all the elements, He upholds the elements. So in the fallen state of the stars, they have become fixed in certain patterns, in a state of futility. This is why CREATION groans for the revealing of the HUIOS Sons of God (A huios is a mature son, one who has come into the fullness of the Head Himself, One who has walked into the fire. a teknon is an infant or newborn son). The Huios sons are the formless Ones, those who are not subject to the creation, but to whom the creation is subject to as the Creators. These are they who, like the Firstborn, are able to say, “I AM,” for the futile nature of the created has been burned away and they have been risen in the Resurrection above all of creation, themselves having become the Resurrection, the Divine, יהוה

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