Love is a Bird

There was once a boy, we’ll call him Peter, who was taught that LOVE looked like a Black Phoebe. He went around trying to give his Phoebes away (don’t worry, he had an endless supply), but only some would receive them. After a while of his endeavors he stopped and contemplated why it was that only a few accepted his gift of love. “Doesn’t everyone want love,” he pondered. And so he went on wondering why so few people would take his cute little Black Phoebes, until he met a curious girl, we’ll call her Stephany. Boy was she curious, a bit of a blabber mouth even, but her charisma and cheery demeanor made her a winsome little thing. They met, she talked his hear off (but that was okay since he found her genuinely intriguing), and they were instant friends. The more they spent time together the more he realized that she didn’t have any Black Phoebes to give, all she had were TOUCANS! Wait! No wonder he was giving so many Phoebes to her and got none in return. All she had to give were Toucans, so that’s all he ever got from her. “So does this mean she can’t love,” he pondered. “That can’t be right, Old NaNA told me everyone has the capacity to love,” he continued with this inner conundrum. It just wasn’t adding up, so he decided to ask her. “Hey Stephany, if you really loved someone, how would you let them know,” he asked bluntly, lacking any sort of proverbial finesse. “You silly, I show you all the time. Why do you think I give you so many Toucans?” He was shocked at her response. To her, love looked like a Toucan. And here he thought love only looked like a Black Phoebe. So they went on frolicking along to the ice cream man down the ways. That was how Peter learned that love doesn’t just look like a Black Phoebe, it looks like a Toucan as well. And so began his discovery of the millions of Birds in the sky we call LOVE.

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