Ego, Christ, and the Eternal Throne

To go lower is to go higher in the Kingdom.

There has been a lot of talk about deprogramming, letting go, and things of that sort these days. Ego, a prevalent word in our culture these days, is what we are to let go of. So let’s talk about it a bit. Ego is a perceived self. It is what one may define oneself as, usually by outer influences, experiences, thought patterns, etc. It’s essentially a box you’ve created for yourself. So to let go of the ego, or this perceived self, is to find your true self.

Now I cannot say that this is not true, but there is a missing piece. Christ. I’ve talked about this to some extent in previous posts, in poetic prose or dark speech or scriptural references, but let’s be a bit more clear today. You were crucified with Christ. It is no longer you that lives, but Christ who lives in/as you. The aforementioned talk about ego usually leads to a place of emptiness, Buddhism in essence, yet the Lord crucified you that you might be filled.

Christ means anointed one. Anointed with what? The Spirit of God. The false self, fallen nature, flesh (its all the same), and the Spirit of God/Christ, are completely opposite of one another. One seeks to ascend, go higher, rise above all the others, the other descends, empties itself completely, even to the point of complete obedience so as to go to a cross. The former, in reaching for the heavens, is in turn cast down to the lowest depths. The latter, in being brought to a place of perfect humility, is then brought high above every other name, even up to the very throne of Heaven itself. These are two spirits, the Spirit of Christ and the spirit of the anti-Christ. This is most clearly seen in Isaiah 14 and Philippians 2, but can also be seen throughout the scripture.

So what is the point in me saying this? To tell you that the old man who you perceived as yourself has been crucified and you are seated at the right hand of Power. It is no longer I that lives, but Christ. Let that resonate in you into eternity. The Spirit of the Lord will forever highlight this truth until all you see is Christ. The narrow path is narrow because there is only room for one person to go through, and that person is Jesus Christ. The road will always seem to get narrower and narrower as the Spirit leads you until all you see is Jesus Christ. The fire of God is the Spirit of God, and this eternal Fire will forever burn away the corruptible, the mortal, the house built by human hands, until all that remains is the incorruptible, immortal, the imperishable seed, the eternal dwelling, until we see what Abraham sought, a city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and He is seated on the throne of eternity. All his enemies are made a footstool under his feet. Who is there that can come against Him? But my little Ones, remember this, as He is, so are you in this world…

A Longing of the Heart

I’m done. I’m tired of not going after what I want. I’m tired of sitting back and waiting for something to happen rather than take life by the balls and make it happen. I’m tired of this passive aggressive way of doing things, of tippy toeing through life so as to not step on anyone else’s feet, of being indirect. Of not saying what I feel, what I want to say, out of fear for what they might think. I’m just tired of this shit.

I want to go after my desires. For the latter half of 2018 I felt like I wasn’t satisfied with where I was at. Perhaps because I was simply letting life happen to me rather than making my impact on it. I’m not satisfied here. Fort Wayne doesn’t have what I want. Don’t get me wrong, it does have some good things about it. Loving people, good friends, a few good breweries, but apart from that it feels stagnant. It feels like I came here, made some progress, and hit a wall. Actually, I felt the stagnancy within the first few months of being here. But I feel like there is more, more for me and more for this place, but I don’t quite feel like I could bring in this “more” without going out and finding it for myself.

I feel like leaving. Like going somewhere far where nobody knows me but the King. My heart has been yearning for more for a while now. “Mores” such as romance, adventure, faith, power, family, intimacy. Perhaps it’s time to stop making excuses and ignoring the heart. Perhaps it’s time to go after my heart’s desires.

And who knows, maybe this blog is partly part of the problem. Maybe it feeds the passive aggressive tendencies. Maybe I should stop writing about some things and go be a living epistle. Go live by a tenacious faith, go explore the city of dreams and the halls of faith, go find my own romance on the dance floor, go burn the world through the word of the Lord, and not just speak the word but be the Word, be the Flame and the Unburnt.

All I know is that for a while now I’ve been feeling like it’s time for something new. What that new looks like, I’m not sure, but the Father feeds the little sparrows so how much more me. We’ll see where the Spirit takes me in this next season. Who knows, I may even move…

The Adulteress, Her Pimp, and the Lord of Spirits: Porn (Pt. 5)

Let me tell you a story about a boy. Or rather the boy and his dreams. This boy tends to see things when he dreams, things that are not so apparent when he is wide awake. Or perhaps he is just more distracted. Nonetheless, the things he sees are quite enlightening, yet usually very mysterious. There was a time when he laid belly down on his bed (in a dream of course). Out of nowhere a woman came from behind him and laid on top of him in such a way as to try to seduce him. Luckily the boy saw right through her and told her to go away, and like the bitch that she is, she obeyed.

Another time he was sitting on his bed (dream again, mind you) and he was browsing through some comments on one of his Facebook posts. He noticed that one of his friends had commented with some pictures of which he thought that they were just showing off their photography on his post. He had no problem with that. He looked at the pictures and realized they were random nude girls. Realizing that his friend had been hacked, he decided to delete the comment, but temptation came. An urge to click on the link came over him, but he quickly snapped out of it and overcame. As soon as he pulled himself out of those thoughts he saw a man out of the corner of his eyes. This man was pale white in appearance, was wearing a suit, and appeared as if he was dead… Death was the first thing that came to mind. He was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room when he spotted him, and the boy instantly reacted by rebuking this “death” in the name of Jesus with such great ferocity that he woke himself up from his sleep…

So why does this matter? Because this boy is me, and these dreams that I’ve had reveal a dimension of porn that is not at all apparent, and thus rarely talked about. We live in a realm that is governed by spirits, and you either bow to them or they bow to you…

“Wait, what? Spirits? What the heck are you talking about? I thought this was about porn?” It is. And it’s about more than that. It’s about not bending the knee to lesser beings that only wish to seduce and harm you. It’s about rising up and taking your place as an heir to the kingdom of the Lord of Spirits. Because you’re better than this. You’re more than the adulterous woman’s bitch. You are a king of the realm of Life. The adulterous woman will only lead you to Death. Death is her pimp, and he is not one you wish to bargain with. Life, on the other hand, takes no delight in her. Life rejoices in the beloved. Life is your portion, the high calling to which you have been called.

Let me tell you a secret. When a King speaks, his subjects obey. Tell me, Son of Life, who are your subjects? Believe me when I say that all of heavens host is on your side. So do not fear little one, I will show you the path of the overcomer…

To be continued…

Proverbs 7:25-27

Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways,
Do not stray into her paths.
For many are the victims she has cast down,
And numerous are all her slain.
Her house is the way to Sheol,
Descending to the chambers of death.”

P.S. When I call the adulterous woman a bitch I am not referring to an actual woman, I am referring to a spirit. I do not condone calling any woman a bitch.

Satan’s Fallen Stars and the Resurrection

So I’ve been looking into Astrology for the past couple of months. Why? Curiosity. But not just curiosity, it’s more so a curiosity sparked by immeasurable coincidences, such that make you question whether they’re  coincidences at all… What do I mean? First of all, let me explain what aspect of astrology I’ve been delving into. I’ve been looking at natal charts, which essentially reveal a person’s personality based on the arrangement of the stars/planets during the time of their birth. At first glance it sounds stupid, but when you delve into it and see the accuracy of it, it’s easy to be drawn in and be captivated by it all (or maybe it’s just me :P). I haven’t looked into the whole horoscope thing (nor do I desire to due to my own spiritual reasons), which is also another aspect of astrology. Anyway, I won’t go into the details but I will say that is really accurate. (It has explained things such as my oversensitivity, steadfastness, intuition, my “straight to the point” way of learning and communicating. It even predicted the reasons for my divorce.) Here in lies the problem. It can be a pitfall, just as the Law of Moses was a pitfall. 

The problem with astrology is that puts you into a box, so to speak. Sure, there is a lot of moving room compared to other boxes that are prevalent in society, such as politics and religion, but to some degree it is more confining. It is as if your fate has been written in the stars. It is as if the stars have become your source, they have made you who you are and it is “they” that lead you through life (perhaps this is the horoscope aspect of it). Herein lies the problem, which I’ll address through the Master Himself, Jesus Christ. 

The other day I was talking to the Wise Serpent Himself, and He said to me that Buddha is the tail, and Jesus is the head. He went on to elaborate that Buddha (which means enlightened one) came onto the scene teaching about emptiness. Only in emptying yourself will you find your true self, the divine. Jesus, on the other hand, came onto the scene with a similar message, but He also revealed a different side of the coin, fullness. And He revealed this through the highest word Mankind has ever heard, the very name of God, I AM. “I Am the Resurrection and the Life, I Am the Good Shepherd, I Am the bread which comes down out of heaven, before Abraham was, I AM.” You get the point. You see, as I’ve tried to show you in past posts by telling you about my visions, or inviting you into the fire, the cross and the resurrection are two sides of the same coin. Emptiness is fulness, and in fulness you are NO THING, thus you are ALL in ALL. This is the formlessness of spirit (there are other aspects of spirit which I may talk about in later posts). This is what the counsel in the city of dreams was talking about when they said, “this is the cross. Those who rule and reign in the Kingdom of God live from this place…”

Back to the stars. The stars limit you. They put you in a box.  They limit you to a single element, or sign, or behavior, or whatever. But the Lord is the Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man. He is all the elements, He upholds the elements. So in the fallen state of the stars, they have become fixed in certain patterns, in a state of futility. This is why CREATION groans for the revealing of the HUIOS Sons of God (A huios is a mature son, one who has come into the fullness of the Head Himself, One who has walked into the fire. a teknon is an infant or newborn son). The Huios sons are the formless Ones, those who are not subject to the creation, but to whom the creation is subject to as the Creators. These are they who, like the Firstborn, are able to say, “I AM,” for the futile nature of the created has been burned away and they have been risen in the Resurrection above all of creation, themselves having become the Resurrection, the Divine, יהוה

Walk with Me into the Fire, you White Washed Tombs!

Sometimes flattery and sugar coating can be perceived as love when in reality it is empty speech. The thing is that the perpetrators believe that their words are full of love. Even the Nazi’s believed they were doing the right thing. Empty words, dead works, same thing. A man named James once said that if you see your brother in need and you give him a, “bless you brother,” but don’t actually help according to your capabilities, than you did not love your brother. “We are not of this type of faith,” he says. There is a false faith and a false love, just as there is a real faith and a real love. One is empty, one is full of life.

I’ve been thinking about the passage where Jesus says, “the love of many will grow cold.” Song of Solomon compares love to a vehement fire. Go ahead, be still and meditate on fire for a bit… It consumes all that it can until it turns all into ash (and remember, the Phoenix rises from the ashes). But there is a type of love that is cold, that lacks passion, that lacks zeal, that lies within itself and convinces itself that it is true. This love is FALSEHOOD. This type of love will tell you what you want to hear, but never follow through. It is skilled in the art of deception, convincing you that it is true when in actuality the fruit it bears shows otherwise. It knows what to say, but has no power within itself to actually do what it says it will do. If the tree had life within itself, than it would bear fruit. Why is it that the Master said, “My words are spirit, and they are life?” Yet you claim to be one with the Master but your words are full of emptiness and deceit. Remember, it was also the Master who said, “out of the heart, the mouth speaks,” and “you’ll know them by their fruit…”

Let me put out an invitation for you all, especially the white washed tombs. Come with me into the Fire. Walk with me into the Judgement.

You see, your words cannot comprehend such an invitation because your polished fucking theology won’t allow for it. “It is finished, it is done, there is no judgement, blah blah blah blah blah.” Yet you have never come to the Master that you may buy from Him gold refined by fire. COME WITH ME INTO THE FIRE!

“No no no, there is no judgement, the judgement is none judgement, it is finished blah blah blah blah blah.” Show me then by your fruit.

Answer me this little one, are you seated on the throne of Eternity? Has the Earth been made a footstool under your feet? Than who are YOU to say to יהוה (I AM), “there is no judgement?”

So I will invite you one more time, walk with Me into the Judgement, that you may purchase from Me gold refined by Fire!

Daughter of Light

Oh daughter of Light, come, let me show you who you really are.

A Queen! A Queen! Look at the splendor of the Queen, the crown jewel of the King.
Your presence evokes honor, the armies of Light bow before you.
How revered you are amongst the King’s courts, how you set even the King’s heart ablaze.
It’s no wonder that He loves you. They say of Him, “He has ravished my heart.”
But remember oh daughter of Light, you have ravished His.

Oh daughter of Wisdom, how you are clothed in glory.
A dress so brilliant, its brightness surpasses the luminaries.
Your crown is a rainbow, itself clothed in flame.
And your slippers are not to be forgotten, as soft as clouds of compassion, by which you walk upon the everlasting Way.

Look, oh daughter, look at your scars, look how they drip with myrrh, how they give off the scent of frankincense.
Look at the scars, how they have flourished! Roses, lilies, daffodils.
What was meant for death has brought forth life!
Indeed you are a daughter of the Resurrection.

Behold your treasury filled with Hope.
Dreams, aspirations, vision, passion.
A heart blooming with promise.
The things you dreamt up as a child I have kept for your delight.

Daughter, my daughter, come sit on my lap and let me wipe that tear off your face.
For behold my daughter, you are a Queen, and oh how I long for you to know.
So go ahead, give me your hurts, give me your pains, give me the little lies that have kept you from seeing my face;
So that you may see the Truth, that you may see the Light, for that is who’s daughter you are oh daughter of Light.

A Dream too Big to Dream

Look… I want you to look into your heart and find the impossible.
Search it out and find a dream too big to dream.

Abraham was given a dream, a promise, an impossibility, so what did he do?
He saw from afar the promise of a child, and though his wife was barren, he believed.
Moses saw a people led out of captivity, a dream, a promise, so what did he do?
He believed.

You see, the heart is the wellspring of life, the seat of eternity.
The heart is the throne of I AM.
You’ve been grafted into the vine and all of His promises are yes and amen in Christ.
Do not lose heart and allow the grand crescendo of the eternal I AM play out in your life.

But wait. Why one? Why not several? Many? A life full of impossibilities?
Look at Heaven, the land of wonders, the land within.
Are you starting to see the promise?
The promise of all promises?
The Land of Promise itself?

These men, of whom the world was not worthy, saw the promise, by faith.
Now here we are, partakers of the Promise, grafted in, at the right hand of Power, the King of the Land of Promise.
Here we are, a gateway to the Land of Promise, the realm of impossibilities.
So by all means, dream an impossible dream, give way for the Land of Promise to burst out of you, and watch the impossible become a reality.
For what is impossible with man is possible with God.

Behold and Abide

Do you think that it is in flesh that you shall reign? Foolishness!
Do you not know that flesh was crucified that you may rise a life-giving Spirit.
Did the prophet not say, “Be transfigured by the renewing of your mind?”
Put off the old, behold all things have been made new.
Put off your natural eyes, behold through your spiritual eyes.
How you ask? Faith. Faith is sight, true sight.
This world is passing away along with its lusts, but Faith abides.

You think you are a man, but He has called you Gods.
He has called you children of the most High.
And this you are, if you abide…

Abide. Abide in the Author and perfecter of your Faith.
Abide in the All-consuming Fire.
Abide in the Transfigured One.
Abide in the Light.

Look into the mirror of Eternity and behold.
Behold your eyes of flaming fire.
Behold the sharp two-edged sword which comes out of your mouth.
Behold the righteous scepter in your right hand.
Behold your robe dipped in blood.
Behold the diadems which adorn your head.
Behold the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Behold the Faithful and True.
Behold and abide…

Forget not Righteousness

Righteousness, why have they forsaken you.

Why have the children of God forsaken the ways of their Father?
Why has justice been abandoned on the city streets?
They chose the ways of Egypt and Babel rather than you.
They honor the flesh above the Spirit, idols over their God.
A coward is honored among them, and a fool treated like a king.
Look at them, swayed to and fro by every deceiving spirit under the sun.
A powerless generation, they’ve forgotten the strength of their King.

Lift up your eyes oh children and look into the eyes of Eternity.
Seek out the ways of your Father, cling to the grace of the King.
Let go of the man you’ve held onto, embrace the God that He’s called you to Be.

The Dance of the Ages

Come with me and let us witness the dance of the ages

There she is, clothed in splendor and Majesty, the cosmos as her wedding gown
There she is, wide-eyed, awaiting her beloved to come to her down the aisle of promise
Her heart leaps as a prancing child in a field of lilies thinking of the day of Paradise with her Beloved.

Watch as they dance in the fields of Eternity in perfect grace, Beauty emanating from their every step
Watch as the flow of the Bride’s dress twirls through Eternity, galaxies, planets, nebulas coming about
Time is their canvas, Eternity their playground.

Behold the radiance of the King of Kings as He approaches His beloved
Behold the bridegroom’s passion as His gaze is fixed upon Her, His eyes a vehement flame
He is lost in the beauty of His Beloved, single-eyed, an entire kingdom behind Him, a gift laid at the feet of His Eternal Friend.

An army surrounds them, the host of heaven, singing a most beautiful song, inutterable in human tongue.
The host bows before them, all of heavens eyes fixed on them.

Come! Watch! Heavens’ greatest masterpiece, two become One!