Return to Righteousness

The righteous ones of God shall possess the land of the living.

You say you come in the name of the King yet you have rejected righteousness and loved lawlessness.
You lie to yourself and to God, a heart deceived, unable to see the Truth.
I desire that you walk into the River of Fire, let the chaff burn away, and let holiness once again shine in your heart.
Why should they who do not KNOW scoff at the King because of you?
Is it them that He will strike down with the sword, or is it you?
He chastises those whom He loves, so be chastised, that you may grow into the maturity of the Head.

May the King of Righteousness reign in your hearts forever and ever. Amen.

Forget not Righteousness

Righteousness, why have they forsaken you.

Why have the children of God forsaken the ways of their Father?
Why has justice been abandoned on the city streets?
They chose the ways of Egypt and Babel rather than you.
They honor the flesh above the Spirit, idols over their God.
A coward is honored among them, and a fool treated like a king.
Look at them, swayed to and fro by every deceiving spirit under the sun.
A powerless generation, they’ve forgotten the strength of their King.

Lift up your eyes oh children and look into the eyes of Eternity.
Seek out the ways of your Father, cling to the grace of the King.
Let go of the man you’ve held onto, embrace the God that He’s called you to Be.

The Dance of the Ages

Come with me and let us witness the dance of the ages

There she is, clothed in splendor and Majesty, the cosmos as her wedding gown
There she is, wide-eyed, awaiting her beloved to come to her down the aisle of promise
Her heart leaps as a prancing child in a field of lilies thinking of the day of Paradise with her Beloved.

Watch as they dance in the fields of Eternity in perfect grace, Beauty emanating from their every step
Watch as the flow of the Bride’s dress twirls through Eternity, galaxies, planets, nebulas coming about
Time is their canvas, Eternity their playground.

Behold the radiance of the King of Kings as He approaches His beloved
Behold the bridegroom’s passion as His gaze is fixed upon Her, His eyes a vehement flame
He is lost in the beauty of His Beloved, single-eyed, an entire kingdom behind Him, a gift laid at the feet of His Eternal Friend.

An army surrounds them, the host of heaven, singing a most beautiful song, inutterable in human tongue.
The host bows before them, all of heavens eyes fixed on them.

Come! Watch! Heavens’ greatest masterpiece, two become One!

Powerless Christianity

“The kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power.”

I see a lot of talk these days… Words here, words there, let’s discuss this, let’s discuss that. But let me ask you this, where is the power? Why are so many “believers” still in bondage? Since when did discussions solve anything? I thought the anointing broke the yoke, my mistake… Where is the power of the Holy Spirit? When did being a pansy become the mark of a son of God? I thought the righteous were as bold as a lion… When did the church of the Almighty become a pity party? When did the saints of God join themselves to unrighteousness? You go from one demon to the next only to end up in greater bondage.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh. Perhaps we need to sit around and sing kumbaya all day and comfort one another’s demons. Maybe if we keep saying “it is finished” people will begin to change. Maybe we should keep pretending like the fruit we’re picking isn’t rotting away… I’ll say this though, just because you know a word doesn’t mean you know the Power.

Where is the power of God on the earth? Where are the Ones who are led by the Spirit of God? Where is the army of the Lord that will consume this earth in the All Consuming Fire? May it all burn to the ground that Light would remain…

A Child’s Heart

I remember a time back when I was in college when I was thinking about the 5 fold ministries (in Ephesians). I thought to myself, “if I could function in any of the 5 ministries which would it be,” to which I replied, “a prophet.” But why a prophet? My reasoning had less to do with the function itself and more to do with my hearts desires… Because I felt like the people that know (and have known) God the best are prophets. I wanted to know God… plain and simple.

I mean, look at the prophets throughout the scriptures. Many times their lives were very misunderstood, but they knew God. They knew His voice. They knew His power. They knew His wonders. They knew His provision. They knew His rest. They knew His might. They knew His wisdom. They KNOW Him… So as I read the scriptures and communed with the lives of these men and women, Moses, Elijah, David, Elisha, Isaiah, Daniel, Mary, etc. (you know who they are), something in me was stirred up, the desire of the eternal KNOWING of the Lord. (This isn’t to say that the other 4 ministries don’t know God as intimately as a prophet, that was just my train of thought at the time.)

Why am I writing about this now? Because for the last year or so I’ve been pondering my heart’s desires and I find that there has been one constant. A desire to YADA the Lord. A desire to know through intimate union. I want what they had, and More. For that is the portion of the children of God, the knowing of their FATHER. That is our Inheritance.

The City of Dreams / The Cross

As I was praying on the Lord’s day, the Spirit brought me to a place called the city of dreams. It was kind of like we were flying or floating to this city that was up in the sky. As we got close to it, the city expanded itself and looked as if it was on an inverted spherical plain (it’s kinda hard to describe :P)… That faded out and the scene changed to an angelic being standing outside of a building waiting for me. The building looked like something you’d expect to see in London or somewhere in Great Britain. I was going there to meet a council of rulers. I arrived and we went into the building through what seemed to be a doorway made of light. It was small, maybe about a foot high. It was as if we shrunk into it. We came out the other side into a room that had a beach in it (the beach was not outside of the building, but it was in the room!).To the right was a table with a an open box and what looked like a small star in the box. The angel offered me some of the “star” as a dessert and said it was kind of like their chocolate (I don’t remember if I had some). He then said that the council was ready to see me. I saw a light over the table that expanded out similar to how the city did in the beginning of the vision. There was then a council before me of about 8-12 people. A woman in the council said that they wanted to make me an offer. She said, “we’ll give you your dreams and hearts desires in exchange for your life.” At first I hesitated to answer, but I then agreed to the offer. She saw my hesitation and told the other council members that she didn’t feel like I was ready for the offer. One of the guys that was sitting next to her convinced her otherwise saying, “no, no, he’s ready. We should make the deal with him.” She then looked at me and said, “Okay, come with us.” We left the room through what seemed to be a wormhole. As we were traveling to our destination, I had my doubt about these people. I inquired about them to the Father in my heart to which He replied, “You could trust them, go with them.” We arrived to a place that was complete darkness, like outer space minus the celestial bodies. The woman spoke to me saying, “this is the cross. Everyone who rules and reigns in the Kingdom of God lives from the place…”

That was it!black hole

The Relentless Chesed of God

Philippians 4:6-7
“6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Why do I begin with that passage? I see a lot of the body of Christ bogged down by the cares of this world. They are so caught up with the temporal that they lose sight of the eternal. I want to see Us stop getting tripped up with these meaningless things and I want to see Us reigning and ruling, but how are we supposed to reign and rule if we don’t know who we are nor the relentless love our Father bestows on Us (These two are One). Psalm 23 (last verse, original language) paints a beautiful picture about his chesed (loyal love) chasing us down as a lion chases down its prey, as a hunter relentlessly pursues it’s game. His love is relentless. What does this mean? His love, His faithfulness, His goodness, His favor, His mercy, His loyalty, His kindness, all these things He relentlessly and zealously desires to bestow on us. Our God is a consuming fire, and He is Love. He wants you to be consumed with every aspect of His love.

A little on the word Chesed…

חֶסֶד – Chesed

-Zeal towards someone, loyal love, loving kindness, goodness, mercy, faithfulness, favor.

Chesed is zealous. It is loyal to the one loved. It has the best intentions towards the one loved. It seeks to prosper them. It looks different depending on the situation or state of the person but it could show itself in ways such as kindness, mercy, favor. It is loyal in nature and thus it is at times translated as loyal love.

We have the fullness of His love. Christ! Jesus Christ is the perfect picture and manifestation of His love. We’ve been given every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ (Ephesians 1:3)! We are seated in heavenly places in Him (Ephesians 1:20, 2:6). We have been grafted into the Vine (John 15). We have been made One with Him (John 17, 1 Corinthians 6:17, etc.). I want us to explore the fullness of this inheritance that we have in Him. His love is our inheritance, and it doesn’t just look like ooey gooey feelings for us (though that’s part of it), it looks like the Father being pleased to give us His Kingdom. He is PLEASED, finds pleasure in, giving us His Kingdom!

Love is multifaceted… It is not simply an emotional feeling. As many say, love looks like something… I’ve seen a divorce in a lot of ways between these different aspects of love. I see some caught up with the active doing part of love, while others are only aware of love as an idea, or perhaps a feeling, saying God loves me, yet never tasting of the fullness thereof because they limit their experience by their lack of understanding…

I want us to bring these aspects of love full circle. I want us to experience the flaming passion of the Beloved’s heart, the relentless provision of the All-Sufficient One, the zeal of the Warrior as He fights for Us, the correction of our Daddy as He grows us up beyond childish things and into His perfect righteousness, the pleasure of the Father as He rejoices in seeing us walk in our inheritance/identity. Let’s not divorce the many aspects of love… Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man… they are One.

Anyways, I think I’ll stop there. Toodles Be-Loved!

P.S. If you want a broader picture of what Chesed looks like, go read Psalm 136.

A Foreign Land

I sit here as in a foreign land. As in a land sojourned by an alien race. They speak of forein concepts which I have no comprehension of. “Work,” they say, yet all I’ve ever known is rest. It is a cursed people. A people longing to bring everyone under their same shackles. They say they want to bring you freedom yet all that they do screams, “slavery!” A people who think they are free yet they are slaves to their own devices. Wake up! Come away with me into the land of milk and honey! Step out of the false comfort you call routine and enter into the realm of endless adventures! Though you are from a foreign land, you are my brothers and sisters. We were once not too far off you see. Born of the Holy One. Citizens of the City of Peace. You were taken from your home, decieved by a snake. Bit by the serpent and now the pains of labor run through your veins. Open your eyes! A sacrifice has been made! Drink my friends! Drink deep of the shed blood of the Holy Lamb of God. Drink of his Holy Blood which cleanses you of the serpent’s venom. Open your eyes and see. You yourselves are not citizens of this foreign land. Your home is a Heavenly one. Come away with me my loves, into the garden of Love.

The Photon

The photon is a particle of light. It’s always traveling at the maximum possible velocity of 3*10^8 m/s. But what exactly does this mean?

I’ve been reading about the characteristics of light lately. Why exactly is this important? Because WE ARE LIGHT!
“You are the light of the world…”
“God is Light…”
“Father of Lights…”
etc etc

You get the point. You are Light! Now here’s the thing… The only way many people perceive that truth is through the idea of light shining in darkness. We are meant to be the light in dark places! Ever heard that? Now I’m not coming against that way of relating to light, but I am saying there is so much more… For examples, Einstein discovered that all objects in the universe are moving at the speed of light… “wait, what,” you may ask. According to his discoveries, he came to the realization that all things are moving through 2 possible dimensions, space and time. Most objects, or matter, are mainly traveling through the dimension of time, and very slightly through space. I’ll give and example,

Object A is traveling at 1/2 the speed of light through space, thus traveling at half the speed of light through time as well.

Object B is traveling at .000001 the speed of light through space, thus traveling at .999999 the speed of light through time.

Catch the drift here? Your speed through space + your speed through time = the speed of light. Okay, so we applied this concept to 2 random objects. Now lets apply it to a photon (particle of light). A photon always travels at the speed of light through space, and so it does not travel though the dimension of time… wait what?????? What does this mean? A photon does not age. Every photon, every particle of light that has ever hit your skin, has always been the exact same “age” throughout all of existence! GOD IS LIGHT! HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, and FOREVER! YOU ARE LIGHT! As He IS, so are we in this world. What does that imply about us, the children of God?

This is just a taste… I know this post got a bit brainy there (It could get a lot brainier, believe me) but brainy is good for us at times ;). I may explore this more in the future because there is a lot more to this than just the timelessness of light.


The Tenacity of Faith

I remember a time when I was at UCSB. I woke up with a sore throat. One of the worst sore throats, if not the worst, I have ever had. I tried eating cereal but it hurt so bad that I was only able to eat a couple of spoonfuls. I decided to go buy soup instead. Still hurt like a mother. I decided to pray for healing over myself. At first it didn’t feel like there was much of a difference, but then I decided that I was over the BS. I told God that I refused to believe that he wasn’t going to heal me, that He was too good to not heal me. After about a few minutes of prayer I left the building and I tried eating the soup again, and lo and behold I was healed.

Faith is tenacious by nature. It refuses to believe any lie that may come against the truth of the goodness of God. It refuses to believe that our Father, a good Father, THE BEST FATHER, will not keep his words and fulfill His promises. If He said that by His stripes we were healed, than by God I am most definitely healed. I will not allow my circumstances to determine what I believe about God, but we must allow our faith to determine our circumstances.
Let’s think about some of the ancients in the scriptures. Jacob is a prime example. He met the angel of the Lord and wrestled with Him until he received his blessing, even if it was at the expense his hip (a sign of the flesh). He refused to leave God alone until He gave him his blessing, knowing that He was the only one that could change his circumstances when everything around seemed to be going to shit. What did he get? A new identity, the name Israel, meaning “Prince of God,” or, “A man who has seen God.” He was forever branded by this act, taking on the name of God unto himself. Once a supplanter, now a prince. How? By faith. Because he refused to believe less of God than He had known Him to be.

Or let’s take Elisha for example. Homeboy followed Elijah forever, even though he had told him to leave him alone. Even when the other prophets told him that Elijah was to be taken up to heaven, he refused to leave him be. He wanted the blessing, the double portion. He was tenacious, and he was willing to go against what seemed to be wisdom to others to get his reward. Because of this Elijah blessed him with a double portion of his spirit.

Let’s move on to the Syrophoenician woman. She comes up to Jesus asking Him to heal her daughter who was severely demonized. What did He do? He completely blew her off! But homegirl wasn’t discouraged, her mind was made up, her daughter was going to get healed! She goes up to him again and He tells her, “why should I take the children’s food and give it to the dogs,” to which she responded, “even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the master’s table.” She was humble, but she was persistent, she was tenacious, and because she refused to believe that Jesus wouldn’t heal her daughter, she was able to tap into the promise of a covenant that she wasn’t even a part of, thus receiving deliverance for her daughter.

You see, faith doesn’t play games. It is completely convinced, completely assured of the goodness of God. That is how I will live, how I will operate, out of complete assurance of God’s goodness over my life, and over that of others. I will be one, “of whom the world was not worthy of,” for, “anything not done in faith is sin,” and that is not a part of who I am.

I’ll end with this… it’s a quote that a good friend deposited in my inner being today.

“Faith is the roaring lion within.”

Much Love and Blessings!