The Coffee Bean

There it lays, the forgotten amongst it’s friends, destined for a life among the dead. You’d see this bean and think nothing of it. Perhaps you wouldn’t notice it at all. But this bean has a story, a life to be shared. You see this bean here… “where,” you ask? Right there on the floor next to the coffee filter cabinet; that bean’s genesis was in a highly estate, an Hacienda in Guatemala known for its exquisite coffee beans. This here is a champion bean, born in a batch known for awards galore. She/he (whatever you want to call it; unlike ourselves, beans don’t have genders) was destined for greatness, to be brewed in a most exquisite cup of coffee for a most fancy customer. Eagerly awaiting its fulfillment, it rode along with it’s fellow companions. First the truck, then the plane, then another truck, and finally to it’s destination. If beans could erupt from excitement, this bean would have, and you’d be splashed with its powdery coffee grounds. But little did it know that it’s end was nigh. Somewhere in the carelessness of a “master” barista who clearly did not pay attention to the “minimizing product waste” section of his training, did it meet its fate. Now it lays there, lost in a sea of thoughts of what could have been, thinking about the joy it could’ve brought to a lucky coffee enthusiast. And in its loss of hope it is swept away into the darkness that no bean ever wishes to see, the innards of the dreaded dust pan. There it goes, on it’s accent to the trash bin, reminiscing, thinking of what could’ve been, longing to be set free… Lost, lost in darkness in a state of timelessness it sleeps, as a heart does when it forgets its passion. But little does it realize that it’s purpose was never to join it’s friends, brothers and sisters in an EXQUISITE cup of coffee; NO! It’s purpose is where it is. It’s purpose is found HERE! It’s story was meant to be told! Not forgotten in the so called “EXQUISITE” cup of coffee, first drank, then pissed! NO! This bean lives on, in our memories, our thoughts, as the most grandiose of all the beans, who thought it lost its way but was in it all along. A salute to you oh wonderful coffee bean, may you see the light of DAY once again.