You Worm Jacob! 🔥

Oh great king, God of glory, who can stand before you?

We are as maggots before you, as worms before a great Eagle soaring upon the wings of eternity.

We are as dung before the Crown Jewel of the nations of the Earth.

We are rubbish. You, my God, are All in All.

Yet we stand as kings before you, as those exalting themselves in their pride.

We say, “I’ve attained to wisdom, I have gathered all understanding,” yet we are fools in Your sight, good only to be cast down into the abyss.

You who call yourselves Israel, know that you are nothing but a worm, you worm Jacob.

Humble yourselves before the King and proclaim to him your nothingness, the filth of your abomination.

Stand before him as the worm that you are, O Jacob, and tremble before the King.

And perhaps He may grant you the name Israel, that you may stand before Him as His prince, not of your own doing, but of His Grace, shining forth in His glory, and not your own.

For this is a prince of God, a worm in their own eyes, purging themselves of themselves in the fire of the Almighty, that they may stand before him as princes, as Gold refined by Fire. 🔥

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