The Dance of the Sexes: Marital Union

Beloved, come to me and let us dance an eternal dance as we join with one another in correspondence with the divine. Let our faculties come together in a display of splendor and grace as the union of our souls is consummated into eternity in the ball room of time. The everlasting ones swaying to and fro in effortless rhythms of pleasure, in an unsurpassed display of delight. Come, that our emotions would play with one another, our passions ignite one another, our felicities would lay with one another, that our elements would sing in harmonious melodies, as we get lost in one another in the eternal rhythms of angelic delight. Come my friend, my truest friend, let us peer into the depths of one another and let us be interwoven, once having been two, being made into one.

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