“I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning”

What is the adversary of Truth? Lies.

I saw the adversary (satan) fall like lightning from the heights (heaven).

This was said by the Lord after the disciples said, even the daimonion (neuter noun from daimon meaning god or goddess) are subject to us.

What does this mean? Lies fell from the heights, from the place of worship in the people’s hearts, from the throne of their temple. Worship means to bow. The lies became objects of worship (things bowed before) in the person’s inner temple and so the person gave themselves to the lie, the thing worshipped. This is similar to the passage that says, “he who joins himself to the Lord is one Spirit with the Lord.” When the Lord is seated in the throne of your heart, you are one with His Spirit, which is Truth. Likewise, when a lie is seated on the throne of your heart, a similar thing occurs. You become one spirit with the lie, one wind, one breath. This is where demons come from, a lie so engraved in a person that it takes over them and manifests in such a way that it takes on an entity of its own. The opposite (in an infinite sense) is God Himself, the entirety of Truth known as the Word, manifest as the Lord God our Savior Jesus Christ. And in a smaller sense, we manifest the Lord (or Truth) as He (the Truth) is enthroned in our hearts. And this enthroning is an ever-increasing reality proportionate to reverence (the fear of the Lord) before Him, leading to an ever-increasing manifestation of the Lord through our beings, on to infinity. Truth has no end. The Lord is Truth.

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