Since the dawn of time, prophets have been the most misunderstood people on planet Earth. Think about it, when someone lies on there side for over a year, cooking their food with crap, or walks around naked for 3 years, how could you not think of them as insane? Even the less extreme cases were riddled with misunderstanding from the people. You see it in their message as well, preaching a message that is against the liking of the people, and so it is rejected by them. Of course the people aren’t going to like you if you call out their shit, of course they will diametrically oppose you, as the sons of the devil oppose the sons of God. You see, a prophet is committed to the Word, or rather the message being spoken through them, so they will not bend to people pleasing and the tickling of the ears. The Word of the Lord is a double-edged sword, and a prophet of God is a master swordsman. What does this mean? A double-edged sword. There are two sides to the sword, to the Word of the Lord, and both are needed for the dividing of soul and spirit, joint and marrow. Oh, the kindness and the severity of God! Do you think that only His kindness is a part of His love? Even His severity flows out from Love, but it takes a mature son/daughter to see this. He chastises those whom He loves, and at times He’ll bring out the whip. The problem is that people are so stuck on flesh and blood, natural, temporal, etc., that they do not see spirit and life. Yet when a prophet speaks, they speak from God (2 Peter 1:21), and His words are Spirit and Life. The flesh profits nothing. Even when looking at their lives, these sort of false judgements (according to outer appearance) are usually made towards prophets. I know a man, a modern prophet, who slept in a tent with his family because God told him to. It was confirmed dozens of times so they knew it was God yet they didn’t know why until after the fact… Why do I bring this up? Anyone that lacks eyes to see can quickly judge it as irresponsible behavior. Think about the family, the kids, blah, blah, blah. Yet what people don’t understand is that a prophet doesn’t merely speak the word, they live it. Isaiah walked naked for 3 years as a sign against Egypt about their coming fate. Similarly, Micah walked naked as a sign of mourning for the destruction of Samaria. Ezekiel lied on his side for 390 days and cooked his food with human dung as a prophecy about the fate of Israel. What would anyone think if they saw someone doing that today? Foolishness? Yet the foolishness of God is wiser than men. The point is, do not oppose the prophets lest you find yourself opposing God. Do not judge according to outer appearance, as the heathens do, lest you mistakenly judge a servant of God to be a messenger of Satan. If you receive a prophet as a prophet, you’ll receive a prophet’s reward. What is that reward? The double-edged sword of the Lord, the Word of God.

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