Ego, Christ, and the Eternal Throne

To go lower is to go higher in the Kingdom.

There has been a lot of talk about deprogramming, letting go, and things of that sort these days. Ego, a prevalent word in our culture these days, is what we are to let go of. So let’s talk about it a bit. Ego is a perceived self. It is what one may define oneself as, usually by outer influences, experiences, thought patterns, etc. It’s essentially a box you’ve created for yourself. So to let go of the ego, or this perceived self, is to find your true self.

Now I cannot say that this is not true, but there is a missing piece. Christ. I’ve talked about this to some extent in previous posts, in poetic prose or dark speech or scriptural references, but let’s be a bit more clear today. You were crucified with Christ. It is no longer you that lives, but Christ who lives in/as you. The aforementioned talk about ego usually leads to a place of emptiness, Buddhism in essence, yet the Lord crucified you that you might be filled.

Christ means anointed one. Anointed with what? The Spirit of God. The false self, fallen nature, flesh (its all the same), and the Spirit of God/Christ, are completely opposite of one another. One seeks to ascend, go higher, rise above all the others, the other descends, empties itself completely, even to the point of complete obedience so as to go to a cross. The former, in reaching for the heavens, is in turn cast down to the lowest depths. The latter, in being brought to a place of perfect humility, is then brought high above every other name, even up to the very throne of Heaven itself. These are two spirits, the Spirit of Christ and the spirit of the anti-Christ. This is most clearly seen in Isaiah 14 and Philippians 2, but can also be seen throughout the scripture.

So what is the point in me saying this? To tell you that the old man who you perceived as yourself has been crucified and you are seated at the right hand of Power. It is no longer I that lives, but Christ. Let that resonate in you into eternity. The Spirit of the Lord will forever highlight this truth until all you see is Christ. The narrow path is narrow because there is only room for one person to go through, and that person is Jesus Christ. The road will always seem to get narrower and narrower as the Spirit leads you until all you see is Jesus Christ. The fire of God is the Spirit of God, and this eternal Fire will forever burn away the corruptible, the mortal, the house built by human hands, until all that remains is the incorruptible, immortal, the imperishable seed, the eternal dwelling, until we see what Abraham sought, a city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and He is seated on the throne of eternity. All his enemies are made a footstool under his feet. Who is there that can come against Him? But my little Ones, remember this, as He is, so are you in this world…

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