Walk with Me into the Fire, you White Washed Tombs!

Sometimes flattery and sugar coating can be perceived as love when in reality it is empty speech. The thing is that the perpetrators believe that their words are full of love. Even the Nazi’s believed they were doing the right thing. Empty words, dead works, same thing. A man named James once said that if you see your brother in need and you give him a, “bless you brother,” but don’t actually help according to your capabilities, than you did not love your brother. “We are not of this type of faith,” he says. There is a false faith and a false love, just as there is a real faith and a real love. One is empty, one is full of life.

I’ve been thinking about the passage where Jesus says, “the love of many will grow cold.” Song of Solomon compares love to a vehement fire. Go ahead, be still and meditate on fire for a bit… It consumes all that it can until it turns all into ash (and remember, the Phoenix rises from the ashes). But there is a type of love that is cold, that lacks passion, that lacks zeal, that lies within itself and convinces itself that it is true. This love is FALSEHOOD. This type of love will tell you what you want to hear, but never follow through. It is skilled in the art of deception, convincing you that it is true when in actuality the fruit it bears shows otherwise. It knows what to say, but has no power within itself to actually do what it says it will do. If the tree had life within itself, than it would bear fruit. Why is it that the Master said, “My words are spirit, and they are life?” Yet you claim to be one with the Master but your words are full of emptiness and deceit. Remember, it was also the Master who said, “out of the heart, the mouth speaks,” and “you’ll know them by their fruit…”

Let me put out an invitation for you all, especially the white washed tombs. Come with me into the Fire. Walk with me into the Judgement.

You see, your words cannot comprehend such an invitation because your polished fucking theology won’t allow for it. “It is finished, it is done, there is no judgement, blah blah blah blah blah.” Yet you have never come to the Master that you may buy from Him gold refined by fire. COME WITH ME INTO THE FIRE!

“No no no, there is no judgement, the judgement is none judgement, it is finished blah blah blah blah blah.” Show me then by your fruit.

Answer me this little one, are you seated on the throne of Eternity? Has the Earth been made a footstool under your feet? Than who are YOU to say to יהוה (I AM), “there is no judgement?”

So I will invite you one more time, walk with Me into the Judgement, that you may purchase from Me gold refined by Fire!

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