Daughter of Light

Oh daughter of Light, come, let me show you who you really are.

A Queen! A Queen! Look at the splendor of the Queen, the crown jewel of the King.
Your presence evokes honor, the armies of Light bow before you.
How revered you are amongst the King’s courts, how you set even the King’s heart ablaze.
It’s no wonder that He loves you. They say of Him, “He has ravished my heart.”
But remember oh daughter of Light, you have ravished His.

Oh daughter of Wisdom, how you are clothed in glory.
A dress so brilliant, its brightness surpasses the luminaries.
Your crown is a rainbow, itself clothed in flame.
And your slippers are not to be forgotten, as soft as clouds of compassion, by which you walk upon the everlasting Way.

Look, oh daughter, look at your scars, look how they drip with myrrh, how they give off the scent of frankincense.
Look at the scars, how they have flourished! Roses, lilies, daffodils.
What was meant for death has brought forth life!
Indeed you are a daughter of the Resurrection.

Behold your treasury filled with Hope.
Dreams, aspirations, vision, passion.
A heart blooming with promise.
The things you dreamt up as a child I have kept for your delight.

Daughter, my daughter, come sit on my lap and let me wipe that tear off your face.
For behold my daughter, you are a Queen, and oh how I long for you to know.
So go ahead, give me your hurts, give me your pains, give me the little lies that have kept you from seeing my face;
So that you may see the Truth, that you may see the Light, for that is who’s daughter you are oh daughter of Light.

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