Romance on the Dance Floor

The other day I was chillin at a bar with the homeboy and I witnessed a rare sight for these times. There was a couple dancing. But it wasn’t just the fact that they were dancing together that caught my attention, it was how they interacted with one another, how they gazed at each other, how lost they were in one another. It was as if nothing else around them even existed. It was just them on that dance floor, or it might as well have been.

Romance is so hard to find these days. In a culture where people fuck one another for their own pleasure, it has become a dying breed, yet romance is what most people crave. I know I do. You see, romance happens when two souls are knit together. This desire has become more and more apparent as of late, and the more I meditate on this, the more I see the massive dichotomy between romance and our culture, and it grieves me. It grieves me to see so many young people closing off their heart to one another because of past hurts, false ideas, obligations, etc. I want to see the spark of romance lit once again. Not just for myself but for an entire generation. I want to see more lovers out on the dance floor.

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