A Dream too Big to Dream

Look… I want you to look into your heart and find the impossible.
Search it out and find a dream too big to dream.

Abraham was given a dream, a promise, an impossibility, so what did he do?
He saw from afar the promise of a child, and though his wife was barren, he believed.
Moses saw a people led out of captivity, a dream, a promise, so what did he do?
He believed.

You see, the heart is the wellspring of life, the seat of eternity.
The heart is the throne of I AM.
You’ve been grafted into the vine and all of His promises are yes and amen in Christ.
Do not lose heart and allow the grand crescendo of the eternal I AM play out in your life.

But wait. Why one? Why not several? Many? A life full of impossibilities?
Look at Heaven, the land of wonders, the land within.
Are you starting to see the promise?
The promise of all promises?
The Land of Promise itself?

These men, of whom the world was not worthy, saw the promise, by faith.
Now here we are, partakers of the Promise, grafted in, at the right hand of Power, the King of the Land of Promise.
Here we are, a gateway to the Land of Promise, the realm of impossibilities.
So by all means, dream an impossible dream, give way for the Land of Promise to burst out of you, and watch the impossible become a reality.
For what is impossible with man is possible with God.

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