Oh, Religion…

Religion, you look like a lamb, you howl like a wolf.
How you have deceived the children of the Almighty.
What is your portion for the filth that you spread to the innocent?
Will it be mercy or judgement?

I look all around and I see a confused and weary people.
Bogged down by false precepts here and extensive knowledge there.
You are a pervert in an ice cream truck, luring them in with sweets in exchange for their innocence.
You give them good sounding theology in exchange for what? Their faith.
And now these two mirror one another;
A generation stripped of it’s innocence, a generation ripped off of it’s faith.

You take them by the hand and lead them to the Harlot.
“Come, she has more sweets for you,” you say, as she fills the cup of the children with her abominations.
The scriptures are twisted, “One” has become the reasoning for their atrocities.
Little by little they are led astray in their hearts.
Little by little they forget their First Love…
Come, let me show you a parable.

There was once a lamp fueled by golden oil.
There came along one who called itself its caretaker, and in its innocence the lamp trusted him.
The lamp gave itself to his care, trusting him even for the fuel of its fire.
The “caretaker” in his shrewdness gave it oil… with a speck of Sulphur.
A little Sulphur here, a little more there, until the lamp burned only on Sulphur, and its fire was a strange fire.
A little leaven leavens the whole lump.
What do you think shall happen to the “caretaker”?
Will it be mercy or judgement?

Look all around and behold the filth of religion’s acts.
Having a form of godliness, yet denying the power thereof.
They call themselves CHRIST(anointed one)-ians yet they have forsaken the anointing (Spirit).
What did they forsake the anointing for? Ideologies, principles, opinions, false precepts.
They build a god of their own and call it the Lord, yet the Lord it is not.
They preach notions of love which on the outside have the appearance of wisdom, but the result is a people left in chains.
Yet Love is Power, Love sets the captives free.
You shall know them by their fruit.
See with a discerning eye, rightly divide the Word of Truth.

So to those who have been led astray I say come.
Come to the Great Shepherd of souls.
Let Him lead you to the Living Waters that you may drink and not die.
Walk with Him into the All-Consuming Fire and be purified as gold.
Come to the Lamb of God and let His blood cleanse you.
Come into the tent of meeting that you may dine with the King.
Come before the throne of Grace and receive His Spirit that you may walk as the Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation that your Father has called you to be.

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