The Dance of the Ages

Come with me and let us witness the dance of the ages

There she is, clothed in splendor and Majesty, the cosmos as her wedding gown
There she is, wide-eyed, awaiting her beloved to come to her down the aisle of promise
Her heart leaps as a prancing child in a field of lilies thinking of the day of Paradise with her Beloved.

Watch as they dance in the fields of Eternity in perfect grace, Beauty emanating from their every step
Watch as the flow of the Bride’s dress twirls through Eternity, galaxies, planets, nebulas coming about
Time is their canvas, Eternity their playground.

Behold the radiance of the King of Kings as He approaches His beloved
Behold the bridegroom’s passion as His gaze is fixed upon Her, His eyes a vehement flame
He is lost in the beauty of His Beloved, single-eyed, an entire kingdom behind Him, a gift laid at the feet of His Eternal Friend.

An army surrounds them, the host of heaven, singing a most beautiful song, inutterable in human tongue.
The host bows before them, all of heavens eyes fixed on them.

Come! Watch! Heavens’ greatest masterpiece, two become One!

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