The City of Dreams / The Cross

As I was praying on the Lord’s day, the Spirit brought me to a place called the city of dreams. It was kind of like we were flying or floating to this city that was up in the sky. As we got close to it, the city expanded itself and looked as if it was on an inverted spherical plain (it’s kinda hard to describe :P)… That faded out and the scene changed to an angelic being standing outside of a building waiting for me. The building looked like something you’d expect to see in London or somewhere in Great Britain. I was going there to meet a council of rulers. I arrived and we went into the building through what seemed to be a doorway made of light. It was small, maybe about a foot high. It was as if we shrunk into it. We came out the other side into a room that had a beach in it (the beach was not outside of the building, but it was in the room!).To the right was a table with a an open box and what looked like a small star in the box. The angel offered me some of the “star” as a dessert and said it was kind of like their chocolate (I don’t remember if I had some). He then said that the council was ready to see me. I saw a light over the table that expanded out similar to how the city did in the beginning of the vision. There was then a council before me of about 8-12 people. A woman in the council said that they wanted to make me an offer. She said, “we’ll give you your dreams and hearts desires in exchange for your life.” At first I hesitated to answer, but I then agreed to the offer. She saw my hesitation and told the other council members that she didn’t feel like I was ready for the offer. One of the guys that was sitting next to her convinced her otherwise saying, “no, no, he’s ready. We should make the deal with him.” She then looked at me and said, “Okay, come with us.” We left the room through what seemed to be a wormhole. As we were traveling to our destination, I had my doubt about these people. I inquired about them to the Father in my heart to which He replied, “You could trust them, go with them.” We arrived to a place that was complete darkness, like outer space minus the celestial bodies. The woman spoke to me saying, “this is the cross. Everyone who rules and reigns in the Kingdom of God lives from the place…”

That was it!black hole

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