Daughter of Babylon…

Justice comes swiftly, riding on a chariot down the river of fire…

Abomination has made her home amongst the children of men.
She lies in bed with the ignorant and the proud.
She devours the innocence of the young maidens, and teaches them her ways.
She entices the young men, foolish lads who see a white dove on the outside, but are blind to the ageless harlot that lies within, full of wickedness and deceit.
Stop! Do not go into the den of the lioness.
She is drunk on the blood of the saints, most satiating to her thirst.
Michael, commander of the Lord’s armies, run her out of her hiding place and into the winepress of the fierce wrath of God.
May all her abominations be burned to ashes and forgotten from the face of the earth.

Come Justice, come swiftly, and avenge the righteous blood of the saints.
Bring with you the All-Consuming Fire and wipe her from the face of the Earth.

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