A Foreign Land

I sit here as in a foreign land. As in a land sojourned by an alien race. They speak of forein concepts which I have no comprehension of. “Work,” they say, yet all I’ve ever known is rest. It is a cursed people. A people longing to bring everyone under their same shackles. They say they want to bring you freedom yet all that they do screams, “slavery!” A people who think they are free yet they are slaves to their own devices. Wake up! Come away with me into the land of milk and honey! Step out of the false comfort you call routine and enter into the realm of endless adventures! Though you are from a foreign land, you are my brothers and sisters. We were once not too far off you see. Born of the Holy One. Citizens of the City of Peace. You were taken from your home, decieved by a snake. Bit by the serpent and now the pains of labor run through your veins. Open your eyes! A sacrifice has been made! Drink my friends! Drink deep of the shed blood of the Holy Lamb of God. Drink of his Holy Blood which cleanses you of the serpent’s venom. Open your eyes and see. You yourselves are not citizens of this foreign land. Your home is a Heavenly one. Come away with me my loves, into the garden of Love.

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