The Photon

The photon is a particle of light. It’s always traveling at the maximum possible velocity of 3*10^8 m/s. But what exactly does this mean?

I’ve been reading about the characteristics of light lately. Why exactly is this important? Because WE ARE LIGHT!
“You are the light of the world…”
“God is Light…”
“Father of Lights…”
etc etc

You get the point. You are Light! Now here’s the thing… The only way many people perceive that truth is through the idea of light shining in darkness. We are meant to be the light in dark places! Ever heard that? Now I’m not coming against that way of relating to light, but I am saying there is so much more… For examples, Einstein discovered that all objects in the universe are moving at the speed of light… “wait, what,” you may ask. According to his discoveries, he came to the realization that all things are moving through 2 possible dimensions, space and time. Most objects, or matter, are mainly traveling through the dimension of time, and very slightly through space. I’ll give and example,

Object A is traveling at 1/2 the speed of light through space, thus traveling at half the speed of light through time as well.

Object B is traveling at .000001 the speed of light through space, thus traveling at .999999 the speed of light through time.

Catch the drift here? Your speed through space + your speed through time = the speed of light. Okay, so we applied this concept to 2 random objects. Now lets apply it to a photon (particle of light). A photon always travels at the speed of light through space, and so it does not travel though the dimension of time… wait what?????? What does this mean? A photon does not age. Every photon, every particle of light that has ever hit your skin, has always been the exact same “age” throughout all of existence! GOD IS LIGHT! HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, and FOREVER! YOU ARE LIGHT! As He IS, so are we in this world. What does that imply about us, the children of God?

This is just a taste… I know this post got a bit brainy there (It could get a lot brainier, believe me) but brainy is good for us at times ;). I may explore this more in the future because there is a lot more to this than just the timelessness of light.


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