Who do you say that I AM?

When you think about yourself, what do you think about? Maybe you think about the flesh-bag you see when you look in the mirror. Maybe it’s the conglomeration of your past experiences. Maybe you look at insecurities that you feel and identify in those… or maybe you look at your accomplishments. But are any of these things really you? Well let’s see…

The self-perception is what people see themselves as. As mentioned above, it can be a wide number of things. Here are a few to give you an idea; your work title, your body, your past (things that you’ve done and have happened to you), your family, your nationality or ethnicity, your wealth (as displayed by various biblical figures, i.e. the rich young ruler), your social status, your success, your relationships, your social group. All of these things have something in common, they are temporal in nature. Fleeting and passing away. Yet you are not a temporal being, you are eternal.

That may leave you with a question… “Who do you say that I am?”

In the letter to the Galatians Paul makes the statement, “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. The life I now live I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me” (Galatians 2:20). One of the things that Christ came to do was to crucify your old self-perception. He came as sinful flesh to die as sinful flesh and rise a new man, that we would partake of this Resurrection (remember peeps, He is the Resurrection). We are a new creation! Romans 6 and 2 Cor. 5:16-17 will shed some light on that. You are one with Him. That was His High Priestly prayer, that we would be One with Him, the Father, and one another. He who is joined to the Lord is ONE Spirit with the Lord. We are ONE with Him. It is no longer you that lives (in other words, your old self-perception based on your works aka your filthy rags) but Christ who lives! Your being is not dependent on what you’ve done but on what He did. As He is so are we in this world!

What does this mean? You are Love, Light, and Life!

All of that other stuff is based on your works. All filthy rags before the Lord. When the winds come and the rain falls, your house will surely fall if that is your foundation. Why do you think people get so downtrodden when they lose their jobs, houses, friends, family, etc? Because they’ve built their house on a faulty foundation. But when your foundation is the Rock of ages, no storm can destroy your house, no circumstances can steal your joy. He is Eden, and we are waking up to the realization of the garden of pleasure that lies within. So what do you want to identify in, on your temporal works which are fleeting and passing away, or on the Ancient of Days, the Great I AM?

When we live from the place of the realization of our union with Him, life becomes effortless… I recently met a new friend who saw my blog… He read the caption that lists the fruits of the Spirit and commented that some of them are hard to perform. I’ll say this, if you try to be patient, kind, have self-control, etc, out of your own efforts, than yes, it can be hard. But when you realize that you are ONE with His Spirit, you will naturally bear these fruits. “I Am the Vine, You are the Branches.” When you are grafted in your awareness to Him, than His Life is your Life. His being flows through your veins. You ARE LIFE. To live from this place is to live from effortless pleasure. Your life is no longer about toiling and working the ground, but it is an effortless expression of the Christ! Jesus asked Peter, “who do you say that I Am,” to which Peter replied, “you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” And so I’ll leave you with a similar question, who do you say that you are? The answer to that question depends on what you identify in, the temporal or the Eternal, and may very well determine the experience of your existence.

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